I’m going to visit and get some healing.
It's cold and I don't do a lot of outdoor activities.Is that so? Why are you so hands and body these days, with your hands and body.I don't know if it hurts like this.I don't know if there's any toxins in the body.​The swelling and edema are severe, too.I'm going to squeeze you out of […]

It's cold and I don't do a lot of outdoor activities.

Is that so? Why are you so hands and body these days, with your hands and body.

I don't know if it hurts like this.

I don't know if there's any toxins in the body.

The swelling and edema are severe, too.

I'm going to squeeze you out of here.

I do, but it just hurts.

It doesn't feel cool.

My posture is like half a day.

It's a job that you have to do while looking at a monitor.

We have to be in the same position.

My back isn't that good either.

A friend who likes to be taken care of.

Let's have a massage because I'm complaining.

He told me what it's like to receive it.~

The price isn't that high.

It's worth investing in.

Boogie, edema, body care.

To a person like me who's a hierophile.

There's a lot of pressure because it's good.

So this time, I'm going to try.

I'm going to get it's

I'd like to write.^^

by mass massage

to a famous place

I'm calling on you.

Much more than I thought.

It was a luxurious place.

It's a 신림 마사지 massager.

at a cost-effective price

Advanced Management

It was a place where I could get it.

Most of all, the interior.

The atmosphere is subtle.

That's so elegant.

I felt it a lot.
When you get in there,

Government quarantine guidelines


You've been keeping good watch.

Through hand sanitizers and thermometers,

After measuring if there is a fever,

Make sure you keep track of your destinations.

He was doing it.

I'm not really sick.

I don't even have a fever.

I passed it easily!

at the Massage Massage

of the service provided

It's a price tag. I'm just like,

Expensive or double the price.

I thought it would work.

The price is more than I thought.

worth the investment

You know, I was really.

all-power sports

Full body and abdominal line.

I received it!

overall management

Before I get it first,

I went into the foot bath.

really tired

You get care.

I'm not sure if I'much tired.

Even if you get your feet taken care of.

I dozed off.

The foot bath is too sophisticated.

It's very delicate and pretty.

I was very surprised. in perfect style

in the hands of the authorities

The feeling of giving me a present

You've got a lot!

This is where I spent my money.

fully aware of something

I can't erase the feeling.

And he's got a lot of skills.

comfortably and languidly

I got your care!

The interior is just like mine.

It's totally to women's taste.

It's a shot! Elegant lady.

It's just that feeling of luxury.

I wondered if it felt like this.

Before you get full body care,

There was a drink stand on one side.

Go get a glass of cool water.

I drank and moistened my throat.

More luxurious than I thought.

It's where you can get care.

I wish I'd known you before.

It made me think about it a lot.

I should visit often from now on.

That's what I thought about it!

a neatly arranged bed

So that you can get private management.

The space is well divided.

Make sure you're neat and tidy.

The way you're supposed to be.

It's clean from the sanitary side, too.

You take care of me very neatly.

I felt it, so I liked it even more!

The Massage Massage is a new opening.

But every time I get a service,

I feel that you're very kind.

Visually Incoming Space and Management

It's very clean on everything.

I like the way you look.

Adjust your strength so that it doesn't hurt.

I liked your care, too.

He was already in pain.

She told me that my back is too tight.

Not only the legs, but also the rest of the body parts.

I have a lot of swelling and edema.

Let him loose as a whole.

They told me that they'll take care of me.

Before I tell you,

Make sure you check it thoroughly.

Go ahead and take care of the princess.

I felt like I was getting it right!

Oh, thanks to a friend who told me.

You're so meticulous.

You're comfortable with the service.

I was so happy.

It's open 24 hours a day.

A friend goes on a business trip.

If you're too tired after work,

To be cared for when you're tired.

He told me that he would come here often.

After I got it myself, my head...

He nodded to me!
Massage Massage

Take care of him systematically.

I'll check what's going on.

If it's a place where you take care of it meticulously,

I think I'll get it again and again here.

I've never seen this before.

I love it already!

lumped together

I'm feeling a lot better.

That terrible recovery from fatigue.

Your edema is completely gone, right?

Why would other people pay so much?

I didn't understand if you were being cared for.

On this occasion,

Well, money's a good thing's good.

It made me think!

at a reasonable price

You're doing it with all your heart.

Like my friend from now on.

in one's spare moments

I'm going to visit and get some healing.

I'm so satisfied with my first visit!

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