The consignment fee isn’t too much.
Your car will start the engine once and drive.The price you'll lose if you do it is incredible.So should I buy a new one from the beginning?That's what I thought. Especially, I'm a foreign citizen.I've been planning to drop him off, so I'm gonna have to make sureIt's gone from hundreds to thousands.It's supposed to […]

Your car will start the engine once and drive.
The price you'll lose if you do it is incredible.
So should I buy a new one from the beginning?
That's what I thought. Especially, I'm a foreign citizen.
I've been planning to drop him off, so I'm gonna have to make sure
It's gone from hundreds to thousands.
It's supposed to be delivered from abroad.
It takes a long time, so I'll report the import used car tax sheet.
I thought it would be right to spend reasonably.
I'm looking around like that, and I'm looking at a place called the Used Car Brothers.
I knocked on the door, and today I'm going to make a successful release.
I'd like to tell you what I said.

The staff welcomed me so nicely, and I, too,
I was in a good. For now, for the sake of sightseeing,
I've visited, but I've got a used car tax.
I've already done it so I can see and sign.
I made up my mind to visit.
I was looking forward to it! And you're a staff member.
I felt it every time I saw the car myself or the counseling session.
He didn't force me or put any pressure on me.
That's what makes me feel more comfortable.
I think I was able to examine this and that.

I saw the three most famous German brands.
I thought I'd take it as an SUV.
I've been told from the beginning that you're seeing something too big.
There was one, if not small, sub-type car.
He recommended that you do it.
When you want to go up higher and higher,
I'm supposed to ride something better than the one I can't handle it.
I've heard a lot about how to do it.
But then I thought I was right.
I think that's what we looked at.

She's a foreign country, and she's a 88카 favorite model.
The design is so pretty that I'm really satisfied.
I thought I could ride it, and it was so important that I was able to see it.
I tend to think, so I'm more satisfied than everyone else.
I think that's the only way we can ride it.
I think I chose a good one based on myself.
I've been riding for years, so I've been riding for years.
The most important thing is to choose what can hold you.
The model year, mileage, insurance history,
I've checked the import used car tax sheet.

Eventually, it's easy to keep it easy.
I've chosen a guy who looks like he can do it!
The fact that foreign cars are so hard.
I've heard it a lot, and it's really strong in appearance.
It's safer inside than anything else.
I'm aware of that, so I'm still not used driver.
I think it'll be much more helpful to me with skills.
I wanted to. Plus, you can drive the right size.
It was enough to travel, and compared to the size of the exterior size,
The fact that it's a lot more spacious than I thought.
I think I liked it.

It's not too small for a ride, but...
Wouldn't it be a little narrow if I had to pick someone up a lot?
I'm worried about it. I tried it myself, and it flew away.
And I'm going to have to ride alone a lot.
I figured it wouldn't be as problematic as it was.
There's a lot of options.
I'm gonna have to go back to the staff to make a choice.
I'm coming back to the office! I saw it for myself.
It's definitely different, and it's a lot of different things.
I think it was pretty fun, too.

And then I came back to the office, and I was like, "Oh, my."
After we talked, we proceeded with the contract.
I don't know anything, but I'm gonna do it fast.
You're helping me, so I don't have to worry.
Not to mention that it never happened, but it's really conscientious.
They're trying to solve everything.
I think I was able to take it easy. I'll do it myself.
There's nothing else to make it difficult.
It was comfortable.

I don't get cold, the office is really...
It's been warm, so in this weather,
I think it was even better. as such
After the whole process has been cut off...
I could've done it right away.
But I'm going to take it by consignment.
I did! I had to drag her out right now.
I was scared to go home alone.
I was a little worried! But
The consignment fee isn't too much.
I think I was able to work it out on a less-than-expected basis.

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