I feel like I’m feeling lighter in general
I've been working so hard lately I think I was extremely tired. When I get home, I'm really into it I used to sleep without getting rid of my makeup. I really think if I keep it this way, I'll get worse I want to improve fatigue and soothe the gloomy heart I've come to […]

I've been working so hard lately

I think I was extremely tired.

When I get home, I'm really into it

I used to sleep without getting rid of my makeup.

I really think if I keep it this way, I'll get worse

I want to improve fatigue and soothe the gloomy heart

I've come to know where I'm good at the Ilsan Massage.

I just wanted to run right after work

I've been looking for massages

There's a lot of places you can get?

But I was trying to search for a healthy shop

It's a good review, not a decadent!

I found a healthy shop and made a reservation right here

You know, you usually come alone, family, lovers

I went to the house alone on this day.

I went to a place where I was good at Ilsan massage

It's called Hontherapy, and I ran right after work!

The location is '4th floor of 734-2 Janghang-dong, Ilsan-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do'

I can park in the building, so I parked comfortably.

You get off the fourth floor, you see this place

Then you're a good visitor.

You can go and tell me your reservation

The boss kindly guides me.

Is it aroma or tie?

I've been thinking a lot, but I'm not sure

I'm supposed to get an authentic Japanese Lafesta taimasa.

I'm gonna spend a good hour

It was a great place to proceed

Please refer to the price range for your visit!

I was over the tie.

I'm going to take aromas next time.

And my boyfriend likes to be managed like this

Next time, come with me to get the Ilsan massage

I'm thinking about getting a couple.

I went alone this day, but why did my boyfriend

He was so jealous he didn't take her.

I'll take you next time.

And in general, you can see the price range

It's a good place to have a caustic rain, so if you have a chance

You can register as a member and use it

I think it's a way to get wise management.

For your information, there are many decadent businesses around here

I think this place is frowning.

But the good news is that my hon therapy

It's a trustworthy place in a healthy shop

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to go

It was a place where you could be relieved and managed.

I thought this part was the most important thing

This is a safe place to go

It was a massage shop that I visited without any objection.

The interior was so beautiful, as you can see

Something like this is a local feeling like Thailand

And then I went on a little trip abroad

I think I felt like I was here to heal.

The facility was so clean

Now, I'm trying to find a way to prevent corona virus

I'm told you're doing a thorough anti-virus

I thought you might like to visit with confidence.

Once you get the tai massage, you'll have

I can get you a chance to

The foot baths I get from work are the real healing.

Once you go and change your clothes and come out

I'm sure the boss will show you

I think I had a foot bath for 5 to 10 minutes.

I'm not gonna let you soak your feet in this warm water

I'm healing, but I don't get to do this at home.

The boss released the bathing pills in warm water

I'm not sure I'm gonna get a day's fatigue

I felt like I was getting loose.

In fact, this footbath is a way to get

He said it was good and healthy

I'm taking care of the cool tea

I was waiting for the masseuse to come.

For your information, local masseurs

You're really good at managing it.

and they're more focused on getting a prior management

If you have any parts you want, I'd like to ask you

You're gonna be more focused on that

So I think you should refer to it!

Ta-da! Is there a room that can be managed really clean?

There was a single room, and there were various rooms

If you get a cool tie on a fluffy bed

I felt like the tiredness of a real day was disappearing.

Maybe you'll know who's been taking this

Especially, the shoulder and neck part are concentrated

You did, but the muscles were loosened

I'm getting sick of being sick!

I have to go to a good place to do Ilsan massage.

The hon therapy I went to was a professional massager

You're a real telegraph officer

Coolness was the best in every touch.

And I can control the overwhelming in the middle

You know, you're in a state of care,

Or if you feel too weak

Look at the phrases in this

Don't worry, I can ask in local terms.

I'd like to get a hard time

I told you in advance, but I just like

I'm not sure you're really

It was a place where I could get cool and well.

I think an hour passed really fast.

I want to get something all day long because it's like a heart!

But I got my shoulder back

I feel like I'm feeling lighter in general

I 강남피쉬안마 heard the freshness!

I thought I was too good to get the Ilsan massage.

And then the last thing I know is that

I had a drink and I came out, and this is

I think it's 30,000 won happiness.

And it was better to get home and get the care

arms, legs, pelvis, shoulders, neck, back and scalp massage

I'm gonna need a full-length tie

I could have spent the time healing properly.

It's a very expensive place to be

It's a good place to go to a healthy place

I'm going to go with my boyfriend next time.

If your neighbors have a chance, you should go

I'm here to be managed and the next morning

I woke up and felt very refreshed

Thanks to you, I was able to go to work pleasantly!

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