From the day he was released from prison until now, he requested to check Kim Do-ki’s communication records.
Webhard Model Taxi Nine Story ReviewsChoi Kyung-koo, head of the voice phishing swamp.​Cho Do-cheol, who stabbed Sung-chul,Soon the godmother's men took him away.​​Jang Sung-chul is rushed to the hospital.​On the way back from solving the U-data case,The taxi family gathered at the hospital after hearing the news.​Luckily, Seong-cheol had surgery.He succeeds in regaining consciousness.​After that, […]

Webhard Model Taxi Nine Story Reviews
Choi Kyung-koo, head of the voice phishing swamp.

Cho Do-cheol, who stabbed Sung-chul,
Soon the godmother's men took him away.

Jang Sung-chul is rushed to the hospital.

On the way back from solving the U-data case,
The taxi family gathered at the hospital after hearing the news.

Luckily, Seong-cheol had surgery.
He succeeds in regaining consciousness.

After that, Doggy raided the godmother's office.
He wanted to know who attacked Sung-chul.

Who said that, boss?
But you told me to ask Sung-chul directly.
She doesn't tell me. I don't know for sure, but Doggie…
There was a suspicion that it was Cho Do-cheol.

Seong-cheol, who said that keeping criminals locked up is to isolate them from the world forever and edify them.

Doggy is reflecting on his plans.
I asked myself who the attacker was.
Seong-cheol doesn't answer, saying he doesn't want to make an issue of it.

You're Cho Do-cheol, right? The way you said it.
I think I'll have to rethink it now.

The deputy prosecutor, who found Kim Do-ki's employee ID card at Park Yang-jin's villa, visited Sung-chul separately and asked when Dogi quit the taxi company.
Seong-cheol seemed to be embarrassed for a while, but the pottery quit and moved to U-data, and returned to the taxi company because it was not suitable for him.

But I couldn't fool a 30-year-old deputy chief prosecutor. The deputy chief prosecutor turns around pretending to be deceived by telling him to tell me anything if anything happens.

Meanwhile, Choi also received a voice phishing call saying he was involved in a financial fraud. They only send money according to the contact's request to transfer money to the national safety account for investigation.

And when the case is solved, Choi Kyung-gu makes a happy imagination that he's going to win the Brave Citizen Award.

One of the U-data cases was responsible for briefing the case, and three key executives are now missing. No, I'm telling you I'm on the run.

But the reporters said it was a big deal.
I praised her. But somehow a mixed one.

One is that someone has a criminal they need to catch.
I couldn't shake off the idea that I was still pointing.
He thinks he's screwing himself.

The deputy chief of staff checks on one of them.
You said you took it and returned Kim Do-ki's employee ID.

One was surprised to see if it was at the scene.

And I look back on what has happened.

Cho Do-chul went missing in a model taxi.
And that model taxi turns into a regular car.
You know, sometimes you push a cop car.
A key U.N. official is also missing.​

One is that all of this is done by one person, Kim Do-
I guess I can't move because I don't have any physical evidence.

So I just went to Dogi myself and asked him to answer some of his questions using that he was a member of the strategic planning office when he was working at U-Data.
And Dogi was forced to accept that if he refused, he would have to come out and be questioned like other strategic planning staff.

One bluntly asked why he went to Park Yang-jin's villa, but Dogi does not admit that he went to the villa.
Later, when Hana presented her employee ID as evidence, she threw it away because she didn't need it, but she didn't know where she threw it away.

One asked investigators to check Kim Do-ki's communication records from the day Cho Do-chul was released from prison until now, as he continued to lie.

Choi Joo-im, who belatedly found out that he was voice phishing.

But he wasn't the only victim.
Earlier, 157 people were waiting to report.

When the police said they couldn't find the lost money, Choi sent a flyer of a model taxi to the phones of those who made the list to register for the request for a model taxi.

Through them, a large number of applications for voice phishing cases are received.
In response, Choi diligently explains the seriousness of voice phishing to make his colleagues accept the request.

Go-eun and Park Joo-im looked down on him, but Sung-chul sided with other crime victims, saying that they were comforted but the voice phishing victims were scolded, saying, "Let's stand up for them."

Pottery is also embarrassed and intimidated by the standards of the law that the victims do not know, saying he will follow their words and fight instead.

When Seong-cheol and Dogi agreed.
Go-eun and Park Joo-im naturally agreed.
A voice phishing case has been filed in a model taxi!

Meanwhile, one that received Doggy's phone records on several days,
I left my phone off and checked the records I didn't write.

Go-eun acted as a victim who fell for voice phishing, and Dogi follows the withdrawal plan that appeared to find Go-eun's money.

And identify the characteristics of 웹하드순위 being good at tail-cutting.
You said you had to grab it above the tail.

Threatening withdrawals to find out the existence of the head.

Wait for the high-value part-time job advertisement to come on.
Park Joo-im is planted inside as a liaison.

The time when the exemplary taxi family worked hard in eradicating voice phishing finds out what Kim Do-ki had in common when he had no phone call records.
That matched the day the criminals went missing.

Exactly the same, Kim Dogi.

Kim Do-ki must be a model taxi driver.
One doubt is becoming increasingly certain.

Green juice from the nine-tailed fox! Actress Shim So-young
We'll plant Park Joo-im inside the voice phishing organization.
Pottery has set out to attack the exposed head!

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