Finish with a glass of water and a snack!
It's a heavy gate massage, recovering from fatigue in aroma like us!Relieve stress with a soft aroma massage​10:00 to 24:00 every day285, Jungmun Tourism Road, Seogwipo-si​​Today, we went to Aroma 강남수안보안마 like us located in Jungmun, Jeju.The occasional massage from office workers like me sitting in front of the computer all day is healing itself.Actually, […]

It's a heavy gate massage, recovering from fatigue in aroma like us!
Relieve stress with a soft aroma massage

10:00 to 24:00 every day
285, Jungmun Tourism Road, Seogwipo-si

Today, we went to Aroma 강남수안보안마 like us located in Jungmun, Jeju.
The occasional massage from office workers like me sitting in front of the computer all day is healing itself.
Actually, I didn't get much of a full-body massage except for the trip.
It's been a while since I received it, and it was really, really, really good!

Jeju Jungmun Massage with a huge parking lot on both sides of the building. Aroma like us.
It was a great location for those who came here. You can see the sea far away and it was located right at the entrance of Jungmun Tourist Complex.
Shilla Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Kensington Hotel, Booyoung Hotel, CS Hotel, etc. (This is about what comes to mind)
It is very close to the most famous hotels in Jeju Island.
Perfect location for a nice dinner and a massage before going into the lodge.

Many famous massage shops in Jeju Island are located in Jeju City and Seogwipo City.
People like me can be comfortable in the city, but they're far from the hotels used by tourists.
It would be nice to have a place close to tourist attractions.

The interior of the building is composed of cypress trees.
Something healthier? It felt more healing.

▼ Below is the menu (?)

The names of the products were all in Jeju dialect.
So cute and beautiful. +_+

The product I chose means [pusty] soft and smooth.
As most people who know me know, my body is very stiff and stiff.
I chose the softest one.

90,000 won for 70 minutes!
I think it's quite cheap compared to the price of Jeju Island, especially Jungmun.
The 70-minute face was not included.
Anyway, I came out of the house because of Corona 19, so I thought it would be better not to receive a face separately because the mask is one body.

I changed my clothes first.
The disposable underwear that I was shocked to see for the first time in Thailand. Now that I've worn it a few times, I'm used to it.
People who see it for the first time don't panic!

I changed my clothes and drank tea that warmed my body while taking a bubbling foot bath.
One of the best things about Aroma, like us, is that it was warm everywhere!
Warm your body with foot baths and warm tea from the beginning,
The massage bed was warm as if the hot water mat was on, so I felt relieved.

The massage room that I entered after taking a foot bath.
It wasn't a big place, but only one team gets a reservation every hour.
There are advantages of a large place, but this place feels more private, so it would be good for couples, couples, and families to receive it.
(If you're not comfortable with a different gender, you'll hit the curtain in the middle.)

And start the massage! He asked me which place was the most uncomfortable when I first started.
I always said that because I'm a person with stiff shoulders and waist, he focused on loosening my shoulders and waist.
I always tell you when I'm sick from time to time!
He told me to tell him because it's hard the next day if I get sick from overdoing it.

★ Total evaluation

Jeju Jungmun Aroma [Aroma Like Us] has a warm massage bed.
It was so good that you covered and pressed my body with a warm towel from time to time.
When I got out of here, I was so tired.
And when you get an aroma massage, the oil can make you feel uncomfortable.
I didn't feel uncomfortable at all because it wiped off all the oiliness from time to time in the massage.
You can pull off the next schedule!

The interior of the massage room felt cozy and the music I heard felt healing.
I fell asleep, woke up, and repeatedly.

And he was very, very kind.
Most of the people in the service sector are kind, but this place is not too much.
It was nice to feel treated.

And the massage manager was Korean. She was a very young woman.
There are so many massage artists from abroad in Jeju Island these days. This place is more comfortable because it's a Korean massage artist.
It was good to communicate well!

At the end of the day, I was embarrassed because my stomach kept making noises to digest well.
It must be good for blood circulation and bowel movement.

Finish with a glass of water and a snack!
There were a lot of carefully set parts.

There are different types of dryers and combs.
A simple hair set was also possible.

One last time, the money!

Anyway, it was a nice Sunday!
I'll have to go when I feel stiff again.

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