Romantic music is calm, so there are a lot of positive reviews that it’s good for a date course.
After work last week, I met my friends and had a drink on the rooftop with a nice atmosphere.When I go to a bar, my friends and I value the atmosphere first, so we looked around the nice pool salon in Yeonnam-dong.​ After searching here and there, we visited a place called Midnight Lounge.I walked […]

After work last week, I met my friends and had a drink on the rooftop with a nice atmosphere.
When I go to a bar, my friends and I value the atmosphere first, so we looked around the nice pool salon in Yeonnam-dong.

After searching here and there, we visited a place called Midnight Lounge.
I walked for about 10 minutes from Exit 3 of Hongdae Station, so it was easy to find it.

There's a lot of bus stops nearby, so it's perfect to visit by public transportation, so it's convenient to get home after a drink.

Just by looking at the exterior of the building, I could imagine how nice the interior would be.
I looked up the reviews before the visit and there were many favorable reviews that romantic music would be good for a date course.

When I came inside with such anticipation, I found that there was a rooftop on the 3rd floor.
It's rare to have a rooftop in Yeonnam-dong, but I thought it was special because it even had a rooftop here.

Midnight Lounge's business hours are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on holidays, including Friday and Saturday, so you can have a drink at any time.

There were also Balveni, Glanfiddic, Ou and Torsion, and Avella War events.
It's originally cheap, but I thought it would be easy to drink it because we can enjoy it at a lower price with a discount event.

These days, it's a nice day in the morning and evening.
I think the Midnight Lounge's biggest advantage is that we can have a drink on a rooftop with such a nice atmosphere.
It's a private place, so it would be nice to have a meeting or a birthday party.
The boss said it's possible to rent it.

We didn't use the rooftop because we had a small drink, but if there's a special day like an anniversary or a party, I thought I'd rent a rooftop and play.
The atmosphere was good, so I thought the alcohol would taste even better.

Not only the rooftop, but the interior is also luxurious and sentimental, so I think everyone will like it, but especially women visit this place.
The interior was pretty and there were props everywhere, so it was fun to look around.

Maybe because it's weekday, the atmosphere inside is quiet, so it's perfect for us to visit and talk.
I remember being satisfied and excited because we could only focus on our stories.

I thought the price range would be expensive because of the good atmosphere, but when I looked at the menu, it was made up of prices that were not burdensome at all, so I didn't feel burdened even if I had several cups.
We especially like to drink, so if we drink properly, it costs a lot.

The first thing I tasted was Antoinette's Full Sarong.
It was a full-sarong that came out of a luxurious flower box, and we were very busy pressing the photo shutter.

I was surprised because it's their first time to pay this much attention to the visual of a full-sarong. I thought it'd be a waste to eat it because it's their first time seeing each other. The freshness of lemon, rosemary scent and herb scent are very attractive.

I thought women would like it because it doesn't taste strong and soft. The freshness of lemon refreshes my mouth, so I thought it would be good to eat it after a meal.

If I sit at the bar, I could even look at the process of making full sarongs.
They made full sarongs and even helped me test them, so it was fun to taste this and that.

I'd like to recommend you to sit at a bar because you gave me a lot of service after listening to the explanation about the full sarong.
Of course, there are tables instead of bars.

Especially, it's rare for a CEO to explain about full-sarong in detail, but he explained this and that. Maybe because of his witty talk, I lost track of time.

At first, I thought it wouldn't taste good just by looking at the visuals, but it was surprisingly delicious. My friend ordered two cups each and ate it.

Not only are there many kinds of fulsarongs and whiskey, but there were also many kinds of alcohol such as wine and single malt, so it was a fulsarong in Yeonnam-dong that I wanted to recommend to people who liked drinking.

It smells a lot of cinnamon and has a strong whiskey scent, so it was a perfect whiskey for my friend who likes to drink.
They put cherries in it, but I can feel the sweet taste. After a bite of whiskey, if you drink a bite of cherries, the sweet cherries cover your bitter mouth and it's the best combination.

The process of making full-sarongs was more fun than I thought, and I expected it to be more professional than anywhere else.

My friend, who is interested in alcohol, asked the boss about this and that, and he 풀싸롱 thanked the boss for kindly explaining everything without showing any discomfort.

Midnight lounge that I think of first when I come near Yeonnam-dong.
I came here satisfied enough to introduce it to my friends.

Because of the good atmosphere, the photos came out well, so I was able to spend a happy time with my friends because there were many elements that I could leave as memories.

If you have a chance, please visit the Full Sarong Midnight Lounge in Yeonnam-dong.

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